Accordiam SL with CIF: ES B86833431 and address in C/Atocha, 117 bajo local, 28012 in Madrid (from now on, 'THE COMPANY '), inform to Users who should agree or use the services, applications, hardware and in general  contents included in this web site of the Conditions of Use applicable to the access and navigation by the same one.

The Users accept this POLITICS OF PRIVACY for the mere access to the web site. THE COMPANY saves itself the right to modify in any moment the present Conditions of Use.


We comply with the Organic Law of Protection of Information of personal character 15/1999, and the LSSI.

According to the Organic Law of Protection of Information of personal character 15/1999, the information that we are gathering in all the forms will be used only to attend to the relation with the Users and to offer them our services.

The Users will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition and/or cancellation of his information by means of request written and signed, accompanied of copy of the obverse of the IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT, directed to THE COMPANY, in c/Atocha, 117 bajo local, 28012 in Madrid, with the reference: 'Protección of Information /'.

Also, THE COMPANY informs the Users of the possible laying of 'cookies ', that in no case store information of personal character. If the Users do not want to admit 'cookies ', they will have to eliminate this possibility from their own navigator. Not admission of 'cookies ' could provoke aberrations in the navigation for the web site.


1.-Responsibility of the Users for use and contents.
  The User promises to use the services or contents in accordance with the current legality and the good faith, the public order and the good customs, exclusively for his personal use, and to realize direct not even indirectly a commercial development of the same ones. In particular it is prohibited, and without it has limitative character, any form of violation of the rights of third on his intimacy, honor, proper image, secretly in the communications, intellectual and industrial property or protection of personal information.
  THE COMPANY does not assume any class of responsibility derived from the bad use of the services or contents on the part of the Users or of third.
  The Usuaros are the only ones responsible for all the acts or omissions executed with his account and/or password, as well as of the content of the communications that they realize by means of this web site. For it, the Users will have to be very careful with his information of record, in particular with his password, and to support the confidentiality of the same one. If a User warns that the third one is using his information and/or profile in this Community, it will have to get in touch immediately with THE COMPANY.
  Without detriment to the previous thing, and without exhaustive character, the Users will have to abstain from the following performances:

* To publish, to spread, to distribute, as well as to allude to contents opposite to the morality or to the public order, since there could be illegal, obscene, pornographic, excessive, slanderous, deceitful, racist contents, etc. * To insult, to harass, to threaten or to infringe of any other form rights of third (such as the rights of intellectual or industrial property, the right to the intimacy or to the proper image). * To introduce any class of computer virus, defective files or computer programs that could provoke damages or not authorized alterations of the contents, programs or systems. * To alter or to take control for fraudulent means of the spaces or the accounts of other Users. * To send across the web site e-mails with massive and/or repetitive character, or to facilitate e-mail addresses of third, and/or to use the service as regards polls, contests, pyramidal schemes, etc. * To use unduly those services or contents given by THE COMPANY, as chats, groups of news, forums, blogs, personal pages, etc. * To create a false identity, to use 'clones ' or any other way that allows to sail along the web site with an appearance or false identity for any motive, especially with the intention of cheating to third with regard to the identity of the sender or of the origin of the message. * To announce or to offer the sale or buy of any products or services. * To obtain information on third, included his e-mail addresses, without his assent. * To unload the Users' directory or to facilitate to third information relative to the same ones. * To try to obtain access of form not authorized to the services or contents, to other accounts, to computer systems or to networks connected to these, across devices of automatic search of passwords or for any other way. * To interfere in the use or enjoyment of the services or contents on the part of other Users.

Also, there remain prohibited any technical, logical or technological resources by virtue of which the third one could benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without lucre, of the contents of the web site, or of the effort carried out by THE COMPANY for his functioning. In particular, unless it is authorized expressly, there remains prohibited every banner, tie, hypertie, framing or similar linkage that could be established in direction of the web site of THE COMPANY. Any trasgresión of the arranged in this point will be considered to be an injury of the legitimate rights of intellectual property of THE COMPANY on the web site and on the contents of the same one.

2.-Supervision of contents.
  East web site takes as an object to create a space in which the Users could find a distended ambience and of information of contents that THE COMPANY puts at his disposal in the above mentioned Web place.
  Consequently, THE COMPANY, as agent of place, will supervise that the contents lodged in the web site are not offensive, of bad taste or opposite to the spirit of THE COMPANY, there being reserved the right to withdraw the same ones on its own initiative or to request of any person who formally alleges a legitimate interest.

3.-Intellectual and Industrial Property.


3.1.-proper Contents.

The web contents of ¨ 'LA COMPANY ' belong only and exclusively to this one, or to third holders who have authorized the inclusion of the same ones in the web site.
  There Remains prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation put at disposal and, in general, any other act of development of the contents of the web site, unless the web site, on the foot of the above-mentioned content it is indicated and another use is allowed expressly. The nonperformance of these conditions can be sanctioned by the civil and penal legislation.

3.2.-Contents of the Users

The Users promise not to introduce, store or spread either by means of this web site, any content that infringes rights of intellectual or industrial property, or in general any content with regard to which they do not show, in accordance with the law, the right to put it at the disposal of third.
  When the User incorporates contents in the web site, it will be able to specify what are the levels of disposition that allows the remaining Users, indicating it by means of the options that will appear on screen and that it will be able to manage from his Profile in, this way, the User will be able to decide, for example, to allow or to prohibit the achievement of copies, the modification of the contents, etc.
  THE COMPANY will not become responsible for the options of disposition that the User chooses with regard to the contents who lodges, putting at the disposal of the same ones a space so that these incorporate his contents and share them with other Users, not also controlling if the contents infringe or not the rights mentioned in the previous paragraphs.
  THE COMPANY will be able to modify the contents, in order to adapt them to the needs for publishing format of the web site.
  Given the diversity of the material that can stay at the web site, it turns out to be impossible to verify the originality or absence of rights of third on the contents given by the Users. For this motive, 'LA COMPANY ' will limit itself to verifying that the above mentioned contents are not opposite to the spirit that this web site inspires.

4.-Resignations and limitations of the responsibility.

 THE COMPANY will not be responsible for direct or indirect, included damages, to title merely enunciativo, the damages for loss of information or of benefits that stem from the use of the web site, as well as the damages related to the delay or impossibility of use of the service (owed, for example, to falls of the network or temporary suspensions of the electrical fluid). 'LA COMPANY ' does not guarantee either that the service or the servant are free of virus or other harmful components.
  THE COMPANY will be able to suspend storm or permanently the services or contained for reasons of update, maintenance, repair of his systems or for reasons of managerial nature.
  THE COMPANY does not take responsibility for mistakes and/or damages derived from the incompatibility of the services or contents of this web site with other services, contents or computer programs used by the User.
  THE COMPANY does not guarantee the suitability, reliability, availability, opportunity and accuracy of the services or contents
  THE COMPANY will not be responsible for the correct mailing of the communications between Users, not from that the same ones are received íntegramente, it nor guarantees the absence of interferences on the part of third in the above mentioned communications either.

5-. Indemnification.

 The Users will support undamaged and will compensate THE COMPANY for the damages caused to this one as consequence of the acts derived from the access and use of the web site.

6.-Communications with THE COMPANY

 The Users have at his disposal a service of ATTENTION TO THE CLIENT, to whom they can speak across the direction indicated to the beginning, as well as of the e-mail address

7.-applicable Law and jurisdiction.


The dispositions contained in these Conditions of Use will be ruled by the Spanish legislation.
  Unless the law expressly prohibits it, for the resolution of all the litigious questions derived from the use of the web site, the Users accept to surrender to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Judges and Courts of Madrid.



If you are minor, it will be interesting to you to know that: In case you are major of fourteen years but minor of age THE COMPANY recommends to you to warn your parents or representatives before entering this web site. They will be able to explain to you the Politics of Privacy, and you will be able to take part with them of all the possibilities that the web site of THE COMPANY offers.


 The parents, representatives or legal tutors will be responsible for the access and use that his younger sons or tutelados make of the web site, for what we recommend to them to supervise or to take the opportune precautions (rules of time of use of computer, place of the computer in common area of the house, etc.) during the navigation of his children  the web site.

Cookies Policy

What is a cookie ?

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These are files that the web site or application you use on your browser stores on your device or while browsing the pages or by the application, and are used to store information about your visit .

Allow, among other things , store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or from your computer, see which pages are visited, connection time , analyze the performance of a page, if there are technical problems, etc. . Depending on the information contained therein and the manner in which the terminal is used, can be used to recognize the user .

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What types of cookies are there?

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Depending on the title :

Cookies themselves :
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Third party cookies :
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Affiliate Cookie : visits accounted affiliate websites .

Is my consent is needed to set a cookie ?

Consent for installation techniques are not accurate or cookies that are strictly necessary for the provision of a service of the information society expressly requested by the recipient.

For the rest , yes required consent of the person concerned can be obtained in different ways. In the case of this website, shall be deemed granted if you still using the website, without prejudice may be withdrawn at any time and disable cookies .

What if the blocking cookies ?
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What cookies are currently using this website?

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  In :

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  In :

Name: " PHPSESSID Session" - Cookie Sheet - expires at the end of the browsing session .
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Name: " wysiwyg_field_XX_mode " - Cookie Sheet - Save if you are using a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the " field" in the corresponding language. Entering pages WYSIWYG administration fields. Duration : 14 days expires .

Name: " wysiwyg_my_page_text " - Cookie Sheet - Save if you are using a WYSIWYG editor for HTML pages in the system. Upon entering the window housing management pages. It expires after 14 days.

Social Network:

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How I can disable cookies ?

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The user can always choose which cookies you want to work on this website typically by :

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