Privacy and Cookies

What is a cookie ?

Cookies are files that are downloaded to the terminal ( computer / smartphone / tablet ) user to access certain web pages that are stored in the same memory .

These are files that the web site or application you use on your browser stores on your device or while browsing the pages or by the application, and are used to store information about your visit .

Allow, among other things , store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or from your computer, see which pages are visited, connection time , analyze the performance of a page, if there are technical problems, etc. . Depending on the information contained therein and the manner in which the terminal is used, can be used to recognize the user .

Cookies are used to offer services and / or personalized advertising to analyze system performance , recognize when accessing user, locate incidents and problems that may arise and solve them in the shortest possible time , and to analyze and measure usage and activity of the website.

The use of cookies allows us to optimize your navigation, adapting the information and the services offered to your interests, to provide a better experience whenever you visit us . Our website uses cookies to function , adapt and provide maximum information to the user .

The use of cookies also allows collecting information on :
  - Preferences or interest in products and / or services collected while browsing the website.
  - User preferences , information about the interaction with the web site : date, time , browser type and language, geographical location.
  - Information about the ads that are displayed to a user, on which interest you and if you visit the advertiser's website
  - User Behaviour , pages visited and details of equipment and devices used by the user click stream data in Bindings.
  - Characteristics of the connection and the connected device , IP address, operating system type , browser type , mobile model etc. .

What types of cookies are there?

Several types of cookies based on different criteria:

Depending on the title :

Cookies themselves :
  Party cookies are those that are saved to your computer and are managed exclusively by us for the better functioning of the website.
  The information we collect is used to :
  - Improve the quality of our service and your user experience.
  - Improve and manage the exposure of the information contained in the web and the user classifieds advertising site .
  - To provide the requested information society by the user and subject to the terms and conditions.
  - Detect patterns while browsing the website to help improve the services available and detect possible incidents .

Third party cookies :
  Are those which are owned by a third party , who will treat the information collected .

If you interact with the content on our third-party cookies may also be established (eg , pressing buttons social networking or viewing videos hosted on another website) , which are those set by a different domain of our website. We can not access the data stored in the cookies of other websites when browsing web sites cited .

Depending on their purpose :

Cookies techniques : those that are essential to enable the user to navigate through a web page, for example, that can store data from an online order. They are YOUR cookies , session , identification , configuration and registration, strictly for identifying the user and to provide the services requested by the user . The information obtained through them is treated solely by this website.

Cookies Customization : used to customize the content or features of the web site based on data from the browser. Through these cookies you can submit a website in the language of the browser used to visit the web .

Cookies analysis : used for statistical purposes only. A clear example would be the cookies generated by the script Google Analytics tracking . Are those that , well treated by us or any third party , you allow us to quantify the number of users and perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service provided. This is discussed in browsing our website in order to improve the supply of products or services that we offer .

Advertising and behavioral advertising cookies: all those that aim to improve the efficiency and management of advertising space based on user preferences , if these cookies are disabled , the web site will continue to operate without prejudice to the information captured by use these cookies on our website and on the success of the ads displayed on it helps improve our services and earn income that allows us to offer many free content . Thus, Google 's advertising network or adservers include such technologies to provide the desired service to its customers .

Affiliate Cookie : visits accounted affiliate websites.

Is my consent is needed to set a cookie ?

Consent for installation techniques are not accurate or cookies that are strictly necessary for the provision of a service of the information society expressly requested by the recipient.

For the rest , yes required consent of the person concerned can be obtained in different ways. In the case of this website, shall be deemed granted if you still using the website, without prejudice may be withdrawn at any time and disable cookies .

What if the blocking cookies?

If block the use of cookies in your browser may cause some services or functionality of the website may not be available.

In some browsers you can configure specific rules to manage cookies for web site, which provides more precise control over privacy . This means you can disable cookies for all sites except those in which trust or are of regular use.

What cookies are currently using this website?

Name: __ utma
  Expires : 2 years since it was first created or restored .
  Description: Google Analytics cookie allows us to determine the number of unique visitors (defined as a specific browser on a specific computer ) visiting the site .
  For more information: .
  In :

Name: __ utmb
  Expires : 30 minutes since they were initially created or restored .
  Description: Google Analytics cookie allows us to determine the number of times a unique visitor ( a specific browser on a specific computer ) visit the site. Used in conjunction with the cookie __ utmc (described below) .
  For more information: .
  In :

Name: __ utmc
  Expires : Session .
  Description: Google Analytics cookie allows us to determine the number of times a unique visitor ( a specific browser on a specific computer ) visit the site. Used in conjunction with the __ utmb cookie (described above).
  For more information: .
  In :

Name: __ utmz
  Expires : 6 months since they were initially created or restored .
  Description: Google Analytics cookie allows us to determine what page a browser was immediately before visiting each page on our site . This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of links to help users find the information they seek .
  For more information: .
  In :

Name : ga
  Expires : 2 years since it was first created or restored .
  Description: Google Analytics cookie used to distinguish users. For more information: .
  In :

Name: " PHPSESSID Session" - Cookie Sheet - expires at the end of the browsing session .
  " agreeCookies " - Cookie Sheet - Indicates whether to have cookies Accepted not display more informative upper div . By accepting the client cookies - Duration : 1 year after the client has accepted .

Name: " site_auth * " - Cookie Sheet - Save user login and encrypted password. Allows a user if they have been specifically instructed to do quickly login . Duration : 14 days after having created by the client .

Name: " nav_panel_state " - Cookie Sheet - Saves the state of the menus to boot. Either all open or all closed . Is created when a board administrator logs in to the system. When an administrator to login . Duration : It expires 14 days after the admin login .

Name: " side_box_content_X " - Cookie Sheet - Saves the state of x menu to the redo log data is found as the user . Is created when a board administrator logs in to the system. When an administrator to login . Duration : 14 days expires .

Name: " wysiwyg_field_XX_mode " - Cookie Sheet - Save if you are using a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the " field" in the corresponding language. Entering pages WYSIWYG administration fields. Duration : 14 days expires .

Name: " wysiwyg_my_page_text " - Cookie Sheet - Save if you are using a WYSIWYG editor for HTML pages in the system. Upon entering the window housing management pages. It expires after 14 days.

Social Network:

Some services can use connectors with various social networks : Facebook , Twitter, Google+ , etc. . Using these connectors to authorize the social network to store a persistent cookie , ie , remember your ID at the service, with much faster access on subsequent visits. You can disable cookies and cancel the access permissions for each application from the privacy settings of the social network in question .

We use this information to improve our website, identify new needs and evaluate the improvements to be made in order to better serve users who visit us.

How I can disable cookies ?

Most browsers indicate how to configure your browser not to accept cookies, to notify you whenever you receive a new cookie , as well as to completely disable them. To control what use you want done with your information, you can configure your browser terminal in the manner it deems most convenient for you

In any case, we do note that if the technical and / or operational cookies are turned off, the quality of the website can slow or may cost more identifiable .

The user can always choose which cookies you want to work on this website typically by :

GOOGLE CHROME : Type in the address bar (URL ) ' chrome :/ / settings / content

INTERNET EXPLORER: Tools / Internet Options / General / Cookies

MOZILLA FIREFOX : Options /Privacy/ Cookies

APPLE SAFARI: Edit / Preferences / Security / Cookies

Additionally , we show the following links where you can find more information about how to manage cookies in different browsers :

Internet Explorer:

release 5

version 6:

Version 7 and 8:

Version 9:


Google â„¢




Windows Phone


There are other third-party tools available on the Internet , allowing users to detect cookies on each Web site you visit and deactivation manage ..

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